Friday, July 20, 2012

Freakin' Asshat

I was near the Sandia Casino approaching the spot on Tramway road going east where two lanes become one as the road starts its long wind up to the base of the mountain... in my rear view mirror I saw this douche nozzle screaming up the right lane. There really wasn't time for him to pass me, but that didn't stop him. He roared past me probably going 80 (it's a 45 zone at that spot and is 50 MPH from there on). He proceeded to speed up the hill, passing a couple more cars, tailgating some also. His driving was a bit erratic - I don't know if he was in a hurry or if he was high or something. By the time I got to the stop sign right there by the County Line, he was only ONE CAR AHEAD OF ME. After all that. After endangering me and several other cars. Then just past the Outpost skating rink, he calmly turned left into that neighborhood there. WTF? Silver Hyundai Sonata, NM license plate KSM 225.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bitch in Black VW

You read that right. I've seen her on three different days, always doing the same thing. Only today was I able to get a photo. This bitch passes on the right, speeds 15 to 20 over, maybe more, weaves in and out of traffic, tailgating, and generally is one of the most aggressive drivers I have ever seen. Sure, sometimes people run late and get a little anxious and maybe drive faster than usual. I'd say from what I've seen, this is how this woman drives ALWAYS. Spotted on Paseo del Norte this morning. She seems to be heading to work somewhere down near Coors & Alameda. Black Volkswagen GLI, NM license plate LSS507.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another "What's in the Water Today?" Day

Well, it was one of those mornings. Most of my commute was relatively calm but there was a handful of assholes in Rio Rancho. The first one I noticed was in the white BMW 328 xi, Kentucky license plate 282 LLL. I first noticed her when she was tailgating another car going up the hill where Alameda merges with Coors Bypass and becomes 528 just south of Rio Rancho. By doing this, she also blocked a car in the far right lane from being able to merge left as that right lane ended. Then as soon as she felt like it, Ms. BMW got over to the left. It was such inconsiderate driving I had to look at her as I passed by and came to a stop at the right light at Westside Blvd. You can probably guess what I saw: she was texting on her white iPhone. She continued to speed, weaving in and out of lanes to get ahead. In the photo, you can see she is still just one car ahead of me after several miles - and still tailgating the car in front of her. The second asshole I've seen before and this is his usual MO: As the traffic approaches Southern (going north on 528) most considerate drivers are in either of the two left lanes. Yes, there is a far right lane there, but it ends one block north of Southern. This douche nozzle always races up the far right lane and then shoves his way over to the left as his lane ends, even if there really isn't a clear opening. Actually, this morning another jerk did that too but I didn't have an opportunity to get a photo. Anyway, Asshole #2 this morning was driving a light gold Mercury Grand Marquis with custom wheels, NM license plate LXK 305.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All I can say about this guy is that speed limits mean nothing. Where just about all other drivers go near the speed limit or maybe a few over, this guy is not satisfied with that. On Alameda this morning, I was in a group going maybe even 10 over (which is typical for this stretch of Alameda) and this this guy in a black BMW 328i, UNM License plate 03868 comes blazing through the group, weaving in and out of lanes. Buddy - if you're in that much of a hurry, try leaving earlier. Once again, here he is stuck at the same red light as me and everyone else he had just passed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This jackass from Arizona, driving a red Chevy Silverado pickup, license plate AZ AVS8841 was annoying the hell out of me and probably every other driver during the morning commute today. He wasn't satisfied going 5 mph over the limit like everyone else, no! He had to pass on the right, weave in and out of lanes, cut across 2 lanes, etc. all because HE WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REST OF US. Did it get him anywhere? Of course it didn't. The photo proves it - after driving with his head up his ass for 15 minutes, he still hadn't gained on me or anyone else around him. There are these things called stoplights, you see? Hey asshole: please go back to your state and have fun with Johnny Law there - I hear they're really great.

Friday, April 13, 2012

PT Doucher at it Again

Yup - he's still out there. Dark blue PT Cruiser NM HNF 486. Classic moves - passing on the right along East Tramway, then passing several cars at once going down the hill. Yes - it is a dotted yellow line there so I realize it's legal to pass, but if the cars in front of you are already going close to 60 in a 50, do you really need to go 75? I guess for this guy, it is mandatory.

Then, also classic - he got stuck behind the traffic signal at Rainbow rd. and had to wait there until everyone he had passed was able to catch up to him again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Post-Easter Shitheads

Did everyone have a crappy Easter weekend or something? Sheesh the roads were choked with aggressive, discourteous douche-nozzle drivers this morning. But first, when did they stop requiring cars to have license plates? This maroon Ford Taurus was first spotted on March 26 going west on Paseo del Norte, with no sign of a license plate. And driving like a jerk by speeding, passing on the right, etc. Sure, I've seen cars without license plates before but for some reason, this guy seemed quite bold, like he just doesn't give a fuck. Maybe he knows someone or has a brother in APD? Hmmm. Then saw him again today, two weeks later, still no sign of a license plate - not even a temporary one.

Next up is this jackass in a silver Toyota RAV4, license plate "US" 13132. What's that mean, any way? I first noticed this jerk going west on Paseo at Jefferson. He was in the far right lane (the one that used to be turn only) and was shoving his piece of shit car all the way up and of course expecting that someone would let him in after he passed everyone on the right. From there, he happened to continue along the same route I took into Rio Rancho. All along the way he was speeding, passing everyone, and changing lanes abruptly. Did it get him anywhere? No, of course not - he had to stop at all the same red lights as the rest of us.

So who let the bastard in the RAV4 cut in on Paseo? This genius in the white Subaru Outback, NM license plate (wow! - a normal license plate!)LFY155. But that's not why this asshole is listed here. It's because he was driving really, really fast all down Paseo and onto Coors Bypass. I'm talking at least 20 over, maybe 30 over. Sure, most of us go 5-10 over but it is really striking when someone is going 80 in a 55 zone or 70 in a 45 zone. Anyway, I guess there either weren't any cops out there this morning or they were somewhere else in the city. Sheesh.